What is a writer’s block?

Writer’s block

What is a writer’s block?

Have you ever faced this situation when you sit down to write something and after writing a few lines you get stuck up with no idea to what to write next? This is the writer’s block which I am talking about in the next few paragraphs.

Most of us have been writing something from our very childhood. Where we started to write 8 lines on topics like myself, my parents, my favourite pet animals, etc. then we moved forward to write full essays on these topics and other topics as well. The motto behind writing those was to score good marks in our academics. Even though we have been writing for years, still we face this situation called writer’s block when we sit down to write something.

What is the reason behind the writer’s block?

Now comes the question that why this situation arises? What is the reason behind us facing writer’s block? Let us delve deep into this to find out why do we face this. There can be two situations where we face this, first when we are trying to write on something which we are totally unaware about and second we have a lot of information about the topic but still we face writer’s block.

In the first situation when we are not knowing about something, nothing can help us out to come out of the writer’s block. This is the same situation where we are put into an unknown dark room and told to find out a small pin and put it onto the right place on the table. So, the recommended feasible solution to this situation is that before sitting to write down about that topic, first do a proper research about that topic and know that topic very well and then start writing like before finding that small pin make sure the room is completely full with light.

In second situation where we have learnt a lot about that topic but still, we face writer’s block, this can occur due to two reasons, first is stress and second is fear. We can face stress sue to multiple reasons which can be as follows:

  1. External pressure – Most of us are aware of this situation. When we sit in exam hall trying to write about a topic which we are aware about. Most of the times our brain fails to put our thoughts in a streamline. We struggle to find out how to start to write about the topic, what should be the body and how do we end up the topic so to leave the examiner impressed.
  1. Lack of inspiration– When writing a piece, we try to find out that one reason which inspires us to write about that topic, this is also called lack of drive. Here we fail to find that character/incident which drives our writing, put our thoughts into a rhythm and finally on our scribble pads.
  1. Too much distraction – While sitting down to write, one must ensure a complete peaceful environment. Therefore, some writers lock themselves in a dark room alone and some chill out in some lonely place close to nature with their scribble pads. When we are surrounded with noise and people, our thoughts struggle to come out in a rhythm. Every time they try to come out, we get distracted.
  1. Finding perfection– We often try to write a perfect piece and we end up getting stuck and end up writing nothing which is not at all suggested. Nothing in this real world is perfect, then how can a writing be perfect.

We face fear to write because of these following reasons:

  1. Fear of competition– Every writer wants to write better than other fellow writers to gain more focus of readers and increase their fan following.
  1. Fear of failure to meet reader’s expectations– When a writer had already produced a good piece of writing in his/her previous writing, the reader’s expectations from him rises. Now to meet that expectation a writer starts fearing to write fearing to lose his/her reader’s interest in his/her writings.
  1. Fear of being judged– the most common thought which comes to our mind is what people will think after reading my piece?  We start anticipating about future outcomes without even writing that piece. Even when everybody of us know that future is uncertain, we try to forecast the results of our writings. This hinders out thought process and we end up writing nothing.
  1. Fear of rejection – Most of the writers in the beginning do not write for years because of the fear of getting rejected by the publishers and not making profit of their piece of writing in which they invest a lot of effort and time. They end up writing nothing for years struggling to earn their livelihood.

Now the next question which arises here is that what is the solution for this writer’s block? How to overcome a writer’s block?

The recommended solutions to a writer’s block are as follows:

  1. Train the Brain– Set up a writing routine and write regularly. Be it a blogger, content writer, an author, or a columnist the most useful trick to overcome writer’s block is to make a routine of writing, whether on daily, weekly or monthly basis, it depends upon the frequency of demand of your content. A fixed time for writing triggers our brain to get ready of writing thoughts and let the creativity flow through our veins.
  1. Choose a peaceful and silent environment– In order to be creative, we need to set up coordination between our brain and our hands. The flow of creativity should not be stopped before it is completely out of our mind, if disrupted we lose the creativity.

In silos there is nothing to distract our mind, only our thoughts and our scribble pads are our partners. Spend time with your thoughts and write a masterpiece.

  1. Daydream– The best of the writers are the ones who are best daydreamers. Put your mind on autopilot mode and let the flow of thoughts come in with peace. Daydreaming helps you visualize things virtually, so without even seeing pictures you can visualise the whole story in your mind itself.
  1. Read more & listen more– this is helpful for both the writers and the speakers. Our brain is not a google data centre which can store all the things which comes to it. Human brain has a limit storage, and it has capability to retain only 10% of whatever we read. Reading and listening more and more helps us to increase our knowledge base. With our knowledge base only, we are capable to produce a creative masterpiece of writing and a world-famous speech.
  • Healthy body is a home to a healthy mind– Doing physical exercise on regular basis is the is so helpful to keep our brain healthy. The pumped-up blood flow in our veins carries plenty of oxygen to our nerve cells, putting our nerve cells on active mode.
  • Putting our brain on auto-pilot mode– some activities like bathing, cleaning and household chores, outdoor-indoor games, running, walking, etc they require only our physical presence and our mind goes on auto-pilot mode. Then thoughts start coming in unconsciously and unknowingly. This helps a writer to be more creative in his/her writings.
  • Make a structure of writing– even before you start writing something carve out a structure and write down it on some rough piece of paper and keep it in front of you while writing. This will help you to streamline the thoughts.
  • Listening to music– By music I am referring to music not noise. I hope you got me what I am trying to tell. A Music is what puts your thoughts on work and soothes you, not which blocks your mind and stop your thought process.
  1. Change of place– we often observe that visiting a new place gives us new experiences and new ideas. It is highly recommended to a writer to frequently keep visiting new places. Travelling has always been recommended for writer to be creative in his/her writings.
  • Meet new people– Every person is unique. Meeting new people gives new experiences and imbibes new thoughts into our minds. Every person has his/her story of life and all of us are hero/heroine of our own story. New people tell us new stories.
  • Courage to accept criticism– The best solution to overcome fear of failure to meet reader’s expectation and fear of acceptance by publishers is to have courage to accept the failure and receive criticism positively. The moment a writer accepts the failure, it wins the half battle of overcoming the block and half is won after completion of his/her writing. Accepting criticism positively means using thorns to make our way. Criticism shapes us as a writer and refines our writings.
  • Passion to bring change in people’s lives– A writer holds the responsibility of shaping the thinking of the future through his/her writings. A piece of writing is the only things which travels through time. A very famous book and masterpiece of writing “The art of war” written by Sun Tzu was published in 5th century BCE much before the evolution of printing press which was made in 15th century, centuries after the publishing of that book. Let me site some of the masterpieces which had been written centuries before we were born and still have their presence. The Ramayana and Mahabharata the greatest Hindu epic stories written in form of poem were composed some thousands of years ago which still finds their relevance.

There is a myth that to overcome a writer’s block one must keep on writing. But we cannot write when we are not clear what to write. So, I recommend to find out which solution helps you the best to come out of the writer’s block in the list of suggested ways above or find out your own creative way and suggest it in comment box of our website http://www.aapkekisse.in. Wishing all the best to all aspiring and budding writers, the best writing journey ahead.

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