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That last meet…!

I wish I knew that I was going to see you for the last time when I was in anger left the restaurant and you calling me from behind to let it go . Wish I was mature enough to hear you and spend more time there with you . I still remember how you… Read more That last meet…!

Mai akela

Chala toh badi dur hu , pr rukna kahi aata nhi . Mera rasta hi khoobsurat hai , Meri manzil ka toh pata nhi . Logon ka shukriya , Jo saath the aur nhi bhi . Paya khud ko akela Hamesha hi kisi bheed mai Jaha log mere apne the .. Logo se kya narazgi… Read more Mai akela

दिल के अरमाँ

दिल में अरमाँ जगा लिया मैंनेये दिन ख़ुशी से बिता लिया मैंनेइक समंदर को मुँह चिढ़ाना थातो रेत पर घर बना लिया मैंनेअपने दिल को सुकून देने कोइक परिंदा उड़ा लिया मैंनेआईने ढूंढते फिरे मुझकोखुद को तुईन में छिपा लिया मैंनेओढ़कर मुस्कुराहटें लब परआँसुओं का मजा लिया मैंनेऐ किरण चल समेट ले दामनजो भी पाना… Read more दिल के अरमाँ


To virus out there, warriors are exposed,yet they have to step out since the responsibility is imposed.In contact of thousands they come,even when faced with danger, they can’t run. For Police, the challenge may not be feasible,since currently, the target is invisible.Nurses with patients are out there,assisting the infected ones with utmost care. Doctors out… Read more WISHES TO WARRIORS


Currently the world economy is deeply down,People have migrated from cities to towns.Restaurants and Aviation have faced their demise,but for hospitals and doctors it is a blessing in disguise. Before stepping out, people now think,as of Covid, many businesses would sink.Lives are saved but the livelihoods are lost,the need for economy to be saved is… Read more ERA OF ECONOMIC ERRORS

कलेक्टर साहिबा-3

< धैर्य और साहस की एक मिसाल > लेखिका : अंजल राजवीर My dear beloved readers, This story is the continued part of our previous story कलेक्टर साहिबा-2. We know you enjoyed our first two stories a lot. We hope you will enjoy the last part of the story as well. Read below to know… Read more कलेक्टर साहिबा-3

Little Creature

I caught a glimpse of his eyes Longing for a dole of bread once or twice Amidst this fancy pleasure of life Exists a world dull, dim and of evil strife Seized with a terror that is full of fear Creature’s swollen eyes shed innumerable tears Sheer, stark, and aching terror Screwed life as of… Read more Little Creature

कलेक्टर साहिबा-2

< धैर्य और साहस की एक मिसाल > लेखिका : अंजल राजवीर My dear beloved readers, This story is the continued part of our previous story कलेक्टर साहिबा-1. We know you enjoyed our first story a lot. We hope you will enjoy this story as well. Read below to know the story of our courageous… Read more कलेक्टर साहिबा-2

ओ बेखबर(O Oblivious)

नींद तो बहोत आती होगी तुम्हेंसुकून भी बहोत होगीआखिर चैन से सोता वही हैजिसे किसी की खबर क्यूँ होगीअशांत मन के लोग सोते कहाँ हैंके बन जाते हैं यूँहीं मन के रोगी नींद तो आती होगी तुम्हेंतुम चैन से सोती होगीसोचता था मैं यही कीमुझ बिन तू रोती होगी कमी नहीं जिसको कुछउसे क्या खबर… Read more ओ बेखबर(O Oblivious)

Writer (A fighter)

Who is a writer? What does a writer feel? Why does a writer write? Does a writer need courage to write? A. Rajveer 20-Aug-2020 This story is about feelings of a writer, I am sharing some experiences which I got while talking with different writers, nothing was different, I too feel these things. Actually, when… Read more Writer (A fighter)


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