Little Creature

Photo by Peng Louis on

I caught a glimpse of his eyes

Longing for a dole of bread once or twice

Amidst this fancy pleasure of life

Exists a world dull, dim and of evil strife

Seized with a terror that is full of fear

Creature’s swollen eyes shed innumerable tears

Sheer, stark, and aching terror

Screwed life as of broken mirror

This fancy glamour is not what they need

Just a dole of bread for themselves to feed

The aching heart, the tangled life & poor’s unheard cry

Can we all join hands and give a selfless try?

To make them free from the clutch of catacombs

And life in these dingy cells as dark as tombs

Who are we to make their life blurry?

Rather to free them from all those unwanted worry

Let’s endure their pain and join this community

Pay them a charming smile by following the values of humanity

Poetess: Richa

Photo by Julissa Helmuth on

© 2020 . All rights reserved.


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