Writer (A fighter)

Who is a writer?

What does a writer feel?

Why does a writer write?

Does a writer need courage to write?

A. Rajveer 20-Aug-2020

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This story is about feelings of a writer, I am sharing some experiences which I got while talking with different writers, nothing was different, I too feel these things. Actually, when a writer asks any question to society by penning down his/her thoughts in a story, some people appreciate it but some of them start talking bad about the writer, like, the writer is going against society. He/she is an unsocial person. Similarly, if a writer asks question to any political party, he/ she is assumed member of opposition party, this makes me laugh hard!

One question always strikes my mind that, why these people are so much judgmental?

One day I was talking to a writer, who writes on issues like domestic violence. I was surprised to know people were assuming that the writer is itself suffering from domestic violence. Oh my God! it is too much now. Sometimes a writer writes on some sensitive topics like extra marital affairs, love life, break-up, heart break and many more such topics, but one thing is sure, it needs courage to write on such topics, because people do start judging.

But according to me, a writer is a person whose heart is full of so much love and understanding that they can feel other’s feeling very easily. In my view understanding other’s feeling is a gift of God because there are very few people who can understand other’s feeling. Otherwise the world is busy in themselves, no time for others. But writers are the ones who opens eyes of the world. He/ she becomes supporter of a needy person, friend of lonely people, sometimes a guide to somebody and sometimes just encourages people. A writer is also a good motivator in my opinion, so I request all writers that do not stop and keep writing. God has given us power to understand the world, to see the Beauty of World. We are voice of the world, why should we Stop? The people who are having narrow mind set should change themselves. We (writers) are here to open your eyes.

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  1. a wonderful thought. as writers, we must be imbued with courage. Courage to speak out the truth, courage to be the voice of the voiceless, courage to be a deviant for change. but this must be for a positive change. unfortunately, some writers use the platform for the wrong reasons. that is what we need to erase.

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    • i agree, it needs courage to write on certain issues, certain feelings, as the onus goes on the writer itself.
      and not all writer use these platforms for wrong reasons, someone like you and me use it for good purpose also. Happy blogging, happy blogging, cheers Cbholganza. stay safe stay healthy.

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