Life Changes…!!

Nothing is permanent in life
some time the mood is happy
some time, it is rude
I play, I dance, this time
the mood is full of romance
suddenly I cry, I don’t know why

Nothing is permanent
When I was a child my thoughts were new
Time has gone, now I am grown
Now those thoughts of mine are left very few

Nothing is permanent
The year I was young, I understood the way is too long

living a life full of life is just not a song

Nothing is permanent
Every thing changes

Don’t expect from others

our own thoughts also changes

Nothing is permanent
So enjoy every second

the chance will miss
If you will wait for a weekend.

Nothing is permanent in life

so, don’t be fool be always cool !!

Poetess: Anjal Rajvir


  1. well done 👍 Rajveer ! You have encapsulated life briefly and I agree with you that with the time we start thinking differently . This is what we named as life ! .
    best wishes !


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