The poem below is an expression of the constant conflict between the standards set by the society and a girl’s thoughts. The girl wants to break all the shackles of the society which confines her freedom. Let’s find out in this poem if she is able to break those shackles or not? Who wins in this clash between the girl and the society?

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The God has given me wings too !

But is has been broken,



vanished, ohhh !

These all are the gifts given by you.

I danced, you stopped.

I laughed, you fought.

But I am flying,

No matter what is happening.

You tortured, you washed my dreams.

The crowd is you, the world is yours.

Everything is difficult for me, now it seems !

Nothing is the problem but the problem is you.

Try your hard, very soon you will cry.

Again I am walking, again I am trying.

I will fly, I will fly, the way is mine.

Will you stop me? Who the hell are you ?

Come see my wings, they are new !

Poetess: Anjal Rajveer


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