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Engross yourself into the world of amazing stories written by our most talented contemporary writers

Short Stories

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We introduce here stories which range up to 60 pages long. These stories consume very less time to read. As a reader you can finish these stories while in a short period travel, lunch breaks, your daily commuting to office and home. We love to give our readers a lasting memory and an amazing experience.


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The section of poems is specially designed for the readers who love to enjoy the rhythm of the poems. To meet their zeal of reading and satisfy their reading appetite. The poems are an easy way to lose yourself with the flow. It will satisfy your appetite of reading with giving you a taste of music in it. I hope you enjoy this section as well.

One Page Stories

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If you love stories but are short of time you can still enjoy reading stories with our One page stories. You can enjoy this story with a cup of tea/coffee. We love to give you an amazing reading experience with our one page stories.

About us

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Created in 2020, We are a team of passionate writers who loves to create amazing stories for our beloved readers. We welcome comments and suggestion from our readers open-heartedly.

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Latest Posts

दिल के अरमाँ

दिल में अरमाँ जगा लिया मैंनेये दिन ख़ुशी से बिता लिया मैंनेइक समंदर को मुँह चिढ़ाना थातो रेत पर घर बना लिया मैंनेअपने दिल को सुकून देने कोइक परिंदा उड़ा… Read more दिल के अरमाँ


To virus out there, warriors are exposed,yet they have to step out since the responsibility is imposed.In contact of thousands they come,even when faced with danger, they can’t run. For Police, the challenge may not be feasible,since currently, the target is invisible.Nurses with patients are out there,assisting the infected ones with utmost care. Doctors out there, treating all of them,eye to eye with Covid, for them is a game.Moreover, are those who maintain cleanliness,preventing the surroundings from being a dirty mess. To all of the warriors I gratefully salute,because of… Read more WISHES TO WARRIORS


Currently the world economy is deeply down,People have migrated from cities to towns.Restaurants and Aviation have faced their demise,but for hospitals and doctors it is a blessing in disguise. Before stepping out, people now think,as of Covid, many businesses would sink.Lives are saved but the livelihoods are lost,the need for economy to be saved is utmost. Getting the economy normal will take a toll,but we have to take actions since it is our duty’s call.There is a crucial need for flourishing economy to be restored,since economy is reffered as the… Read more ERA OF ECONOMIC ERRORS


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